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   Meet the 8 startups in the BFTP/VilCap fintech accelerator


    The results are in: eight\

 startups(most of them local)

 made it to the inaugural cohort

 of Village Capital’s VilCap

 Communities fintech

 accelerator, which is run in

 partnership with Ben Franklin

 Technology Partners and seeks

 to hook up two startups with

 $25,000 in seed money.


As we told you back in February,

 the program is unique because it brings the VilCap model to the world of fintech (and Philly): the companies in the accelerator will decide which startups get access to the cash at the end of the 12-week program. (Village Capital is based in D.C. and is running its VilCap Communities accelerator with local partners around the country.)




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   FinPay just raised a $1.9M seed round


    With 2017 entering its final

 stretch,here’s an update from

 realLIST honoree No. 9: King of

 Prussia,Pa.-based FinPay raised a

 $1.9 million seed round.


     The fundraising isn’t done, said

CEO Chris Wolfington, with another

 million scheduled to close on Nov.

 11. The funding, the exec said, will let the company expands its operations in the face of an uptick in demand of its financial services for patients.


The Baker family, owners of Edgewater, N.J.-based Riverside Medical Group, led the round. Initially approached as customers, the family decided to invest in the company.


“Now they are individual investors and we are starting the process of on-boarding Riverside as a customer,” Wolfington said. “I guess that is the ultimate two birds with one stone.”




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   Job Detail for Patient Payment Specialist


    Job Description The Company FinPay, LLC

is a financial technology and payments

company providing Patient Financial Management

Solutions to the healthcare Industry. As consumer

out-of-pocket medical expenses surpassed $400 billion in 2016, the current market for FinPay's services is $28 Billion and growing rapidly.


With the expansion of healthcare reform the problem is only getting bigger and expanded collection efforts by Healthcare Providers will not solve the problem. Our goal is to create more satisfied patients who have a better financial experience resulting in those patients paying their out-of-pocket expenses for the services they received.


The Mission Our Mission is to create a patient financial experience that mirrors the high quality clinical care consumers have come to expect by providing more education, more transparency, and more payment options, all at the point of care so patients understand their financial obligations and are offered a variety of payment alternatives to fit any household budget.




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   Ben Franklin's fintech accelerator is first of its kind in the region.

   These 8 startups made the cut


    These eight companies — which

are required to have a presence in

the region to receive an investment

 — will begin the 12-week

 accelerator on April 24, meeting

 with mentors and advisors selected

 to help guide them toward growth

 and fundings. They run the gamut

 of the financial industry, from

 creating data visualizations of personal assets to a student loan repayment benefit program. Four focus on putting financial technology to use solving social issues.


“With the blend of both impact-focused and transaction-based fintech concepts, it’s an impressive range of companies, and a great indicator of the depth of opportunity in our region,” said Ben Franklin President and CEO RoseAnn Rosenthal in a statement. “We’re excited to bring our partners at Village Capital and our community of esteemed advisors together to help these companies grow here.”


Here are the eight companies chosen for the accelerator and the description Ben Franklin provided about their operation:



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   Ben Franklin Announces Fintech Cohort As Part of VilCap Communities Initiative


    April 19, 2017 (Philadelphia, PA)—

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of

Southeastern Pennsylvania (“Ben

 Franklin”) is proud to announce the eight companies participating in its first Fintech Accelerator program run as part of VilCap Communities, an initiative of D.C.-based venture capital firm Village Capital.


Combined with Ben Franklin’s full suite of business services and the mentorship of its community of best-in-class business leaders, the Ben Franklin Fintech Accelerator will employ Village Capital’s venture investment readiness curriculum. Across its nine indicators of investment readiness, the program’s unique peer-selected investment model empowers entrepreneurs to evaluate the progress of each other’s early-stage businesses throughout the 12-week program.


The Ben Franklin program will kick off on April 24, including fintech concepts as diverse as point-of-sale solutions for healthcare payments, to administration of humanitarian aid, to management of college tuitions. Four of the eight companies are using fintech-based approaches to address environmental and social challenges.



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   Seed Round - FinPay


    Finpay raises 1,900,000.00 during the fund stage

of Ben Franklin Technology Partners of

Southeastern Pennsylvania (“Ben Franklin”)


The Ben Franklin program will kick off on April 24,

 including fintech concepts as diverse as point-of-sale solutions for healthcare payments, to administration of humanitarian aid, to management of college tuitions. Four of the eight companies are using fintech-based approaches to address environmental and social challenges.



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   20 Most Exciting Startups in Philly


    What is a “real” company,

 anyway? Figuring out which

 companies are “real” and which

 ones aren’t is key to productive,

 relevant coverage of any tech

ecosystem. The term is often kicked

around in our newsroom when a

new company reaches out with an

update. “Are they real?” can also be

thought of as the question that

 helps us keep tabs on the big companies of the future.


That’s why created the realLIST: a roundup of those companies whose moves we’ll

be tracking but, also, companies which have already proven to be real in their short lifespan.

And what exactly makes a company real? A bold idea is a good start. Are the founders hoping to

cash in on a buzzy market/space or are they, as Josh Kopelman (link is external) said, choosing

the big idea (link is external)?




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   The startup is rethinking the way healthcare is paid for with an oddly novel

   concept: Making it easier for patients to pay their medical bills



Say you suffer an accident that

requires a two week hospital

stay. Even with solid insurance,

you’ll likely still be on the hook

for a $10,000 bill, due in about

three months. That’s a ludicrous

sum. But it’s a position that

millions of people find

themselves in every year.


That’s because hospitals, unlike virtually any other business you deal with in life, don’t offer useful payment plans. Often that means that patients simply don’t pay their bills, which wreaks havoc on their credit scores: Millions of Americans have unpaid hospital debt, which stays on a credit report for the better part of a decade. And the damage of that pales in comparison to another side effect of unpaid hospital bills.


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    KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – (April 21, 2016) –

 FinPay, LLC, a financial technology and payments

 company for healthcare providers, announced that

 it has been selected to present at Vanguard’s

 Leadership 2016 Annual Officers’ Conference.

 “Leading in an Uncertain Future” is the theme of this year’s conference. The objective of the conference is to expose Vanguard leadership to potential disruptive technologies, such as FinPay’s offerings in the healthcare industry.


   FINPAY selected to present its next generation patient financial management solution at

   Vanguard’s 2016 leadership conference.


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Christopher Wolfington

C.E.O at FinPay, L.L.C






Christopher Wolfington, CEO of FinPay, L.L.C. and Chairman and CEO of C.M. Wolfington, L.L.C., is business leader and entrepreneur with business experience in payments, healthcare, technology, real estate, and over 19 years experience in the financial services industry.


Mr. Wolfington has applied his decades of payments and financial services expertise to the healthcare industry to assist healthcare providers to create a financial experience for their patients that mirrors the high quality clinical care patients have come to expect.  FinPay, L.L.C.  provides patient financial management solutions that  provide patients with the education they need to understand their financial responsibilities and the payment options they want to make those financial obligations fit their household budget.  FinPay continues to be a market leader in the Patient Financial Management Market.


Determined to utilize his entrepreneurial talent and keen eye for opportunity, Mr. Wolfington infused his passion, energy, capital, and entrepreneurial vision into numerous companies in the payments, healthcare finance, and financial services industries, including two initial public offerings (Casino & Credit Services & Telespectrum Worldwide).  As part of this pursuit he founded, acquired, and/or divested numerous companies during his career, including Microfunds, Financial Payment Network,, MCA, Central Credit, Inc., Casino Money Centers, Strip Check Cashing, Central Credit Check Cashing, Available Money, iGames Entertainment, Landmark Group Holdings, and Check Holdings.


Mr. Wolfington continues to invest his time, capital, and resources in identifying opportunities in high growth markets with antiquated stale technologies & solutions.



Mr. Wolfington supports multiple charitable organizations, particularly focused on education, child development, and

the United States Military.


Christopher Wolfington is an entrepreneurial exec with broad experience in all aspects of Corporate management, including sales, mergers & acquisitions, marketing, accounting, capital markets, private placements, strategic planning, operations, and financial management.



Friends in Action: Former Board Member


Amigos de Jesus











Big Picture Alliance: Board Member


Sophia Jane Darr Chrildren's Foundation



Marine Corps Birthday Ball













Hearts & Hands of China



















Preservation Society of Newport County















 Independence Mission Schools


University of Scranton


Malvern Preparatory School


Youth Work Foundation

(Union League of Philadelphia)


Penn State THON


Kelly Rooney Foundation


MBF Center



Philadelpia Animal Welfare Society


Roman Catholic Church

Morongo Charities

Sycuan Charities




Club Memberships


The Philadelphia Country Club



The Union League of Philadelphia





    KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. – (April 21, 2016)

 – FinPay, LLC, a financial technology and

 payments company for healthcare

 providers, announced that it has been

 selected to present at the 2016 Angel

 Venture Fair as one of America’s top

 startups. As the oldest angel venture conference in the Mid-Atlantic region, the Angel Venture Fair is the annual consortium of private angel investors across the Mid-Atlantic region. The conference will be held April 26 at the Union League in Philadelphia.


   FINPAY selected to present its next generation patient financial management solution at

   Vanguard’s 2016 leadership conference.


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IGames Entertainment, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board IGMS), announced today that Money Centers of America, Inc., which provides cash access and credit services to the gaming industry, is seeking to expand its current credit facility with Mercantile Capital, LP as a result of its proposed transaction with iGames.  Mercantile Capital presently provides Money Centers with working capital and vault cash financing.





Money Centers Of America

Completes First Phase of Recapitalization


August 24, 2006—King of Prussia, PA— Money Centers of America, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: MCAM), a leading provider of cash access, transaction management systems, and financial networks for the gaming industry, today announced the completion of a $1.2 million equity raise with vFinance, which represents the first phase of the company’s planned recapitalization.



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